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21 February 2015 @ 08:40 pm

Comment to be added


06 March 2010 @ 11:58 am

I feel disgusted everytime i read your posts. :S so now you no longer appear on my fpage, yay!

17 February 2010 @ 09:16 pm
I think I'm going to friendslock my blog, or custom lock it. So this will be my last public post. Goodbye everyone!!!! 

awesome day today because I made new (student) friends, who were very interested to find me eyecandies. Haven't laughed so much in ages, I could stop pretending to be all old and matured and actually be all nonsenstical with them.

I am very tired, first lesson tmr. I don't really feel prepared.
11 February 2010 @ 11:14 pm
I think i forgot how it feels to be really happy.
07 February 2010 @ 10:41 pm

shagged but urban hike was great fun today! :D love my fellow hikers! I am so proud of us, we should continue exploring new routes soon!!

End of weekends, start of work and waking up at 6 AM. :( Okay I must survive this week, then I'll be saying hi to Chinese New Year :D :D :D last happy event of the year.

I have a burnt tongue, i scalded it today when drinking my coffee. :( Okay I am going to sleep already, I should make a list of what I'm supposed to do tmr.

I finally got my ichiban sushi fix today, complete with awesome company. :) hee hee we had a room warming at tang's room, but i realised we didn't take any photos of your room other than the KAWAIIZZZ hello kitty instax (okay im trying to be cute japanese). My room is undergoing revamp too, courtesy of the sister! It's more comfy and bedroomish now, which equals to me spending even more time sleeping in the room.

Tuition was :S today, I must remember to be patient and not assume everyone gets things quickly. PATIENCE PATIENCE. And I must remember the money at the end of the month, i must persevere!!!

Urban hike tmr!  :D quite exciting, i hope i don't get sun-burnt. Finally some semblance of a life.
05 February 2010 @ 11:11 pm
First thing, I am praying that the boys are doing fine in army, and still surviving. I miss them already :( :(

Yay TGIF! :D Despite ending at around 2.30pm-3pm everyday which sounds relatively slack, I have been hard at work in school, and churning out a lot of stuff. Work is really making me super tired, I crash everytime I get home. But school's still relatively fun, I have an extremely nice supervisor who chats with me about stuff, and 3 other interns who are all super funny and cute! I'm super super thankful that I'm interning with them, so i have entertaining lunch sessions where we laugh about the stupidest things. I'm going to start teaching after CNY, so I need to start reading up on Litho, which is my hated topic. :( But I'll do my best because my fellow teachers are all so nice, I'll feel lousy that I'm not putting in my best effort.

But i don't really think teaching's for me, I am not as passionate and dedicated as the teachers I see. i should start searching for a job after this teaching intern ends, probably a hospitality-related job. Something not desk-bound, I need to talk and interact with people.

Okay, I'm tired again, I think I am going to sleep. Oh and I finally got dragged to the dentist today, I've been trying to escape from it for many months. Okay, but I got my cavity filled and it didn't hurt as much as I thought. The dentist told me when she was cleaning my teeth, 'oh you've calmed down already, not as hysterical as just now". And I was thinking in my head, how am I supposed to be hysterical when I'm lying like a corpse with my mouth wide open at your mercy? Yay, so I finally got this dental thing crossed off my to-do list.

Things to do before CNY:
- finish cleaning up my room
- pluck eyebrows
- get a hair-cut
31 January 2010 @ 12:00 am
Today, i received my first paycheck from tuition.
Today, I spent all of my paycheck.

Okay, but it was a paltry $90.

But i will start saving once the next paycheck comes in. I promise.
27 January 2010 @ 10:17 pm
Day 3 of internship, and I guess it's still going fine! :) I finally did more productive work, and hence I feel slightly more deserving of my $65 pay. My laptop's coming tmr, so yay to internet access. But I'll do my work first definitely!

The notes there are amazing, I wished I had such notes and such awesome teachers when I was studying too. I sat through lectures today, and like they teach stuff I never really knew, and in like much greater depth. I think like stupider people like me will actually benefit from going to 'neighbourhood' JCs, the teachers really put in ALOT more effort. I was really impressed, and in some way, I wished I could go back to JC and work a lot harder for my As.

Everyone in the school is really nice and friendly, I get teachers smiling very sweetly to me all the time in the staff room, and many of them actually bother to make conversation with me. The canteen owners are all very cute, I made friends with them already! Today, the J2s whose class I sat in to observe said BYE MISS NG super happily! It's a small cohort, like they only have 1/3 of our batch, but idk, it's a really warm environment. True, it doesn't have all the sporting achievements/syf achievements or like massive amount of funds, but I think the students have a good time there, and I think there's largely because of the dedicated teachers.

I love r.affles, and sometimes I can't really figure out why too. I love rg, but maybe rj's really not the best place to be studying in when you're not the brightest. You just feel dumber and dumber, and choking in the fumes of smartness and awesomeness.

I had nightmares, bad horrid thoughts about As' again. I feel like dying everytime I think about it, because I cannot imagine anything good. :( :( sigh, everyday, what I expect to see on the results slip just get worse. :( fml
26 January 2010 @ 10:40 pm
ruyun says:
honestly, we're 19

hahah very amusing, i LOLed at it. But anyway friend, I feel for you, all the best all the best!